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About Us

Foundations of PAŞABEYOĞLU Group were laid in 1984 with the investments made in Ofset and paperwork industry. Our group having gained experience with its long business life entered into the petrol industry with Yüzyıl Petrol Station it opened in 1999 in Istanbul Bağcılar, and gave new acceleration to its activities. 

Our company has maintained its existence after that period with the investments it especially made in the fuel industry, and maintains its investments with a steady growth by opening new stations in the industry.  

By maintaining its sales with quality product and reliable service infrastructure since its incorporation, Paşabeyoğlu Group has become an enterprise preferred everyday by millions of vehicle drivers throughout Istanbul. 

Paşabeyoğlu Group aiming at a sustainable customer satisfaction, today maintains its petrol sales in 8 locations in Istanbul as a result of its investments and also provides service to the textile industry with ORA TEKSTİL company it incorporated in Bursa in 1995 for yarn production.

As of today, our company continues its investments in the fuel industry with Başak Petrol, Yüzyıl Petrol, Eşkinoz Petrol, Kıral Petrol, Meridyen Petrol, Eşkinoz Petrol, Selahattin Tuğçay Petrol Stations and in the textile industry with ORA TEKSTİL company. 

Paşabeyoğlu Group offers advantages to its customers in Vehicle Identification System (VIS) sales by also adding the VIS distributorship of Petrol Ofisi to its investments in the petrol industry. Paşabeyoğlu Group is also intent on growing in this field. 

Paşabeyoğlu Group will continue to be one of the leading companies of the industry, which is innovative and satisfying the expectations in the sector by maintaining its existing values, with its experience of 32 years.